What the N.P.K program is?

Using only conventional chemical fertilizers could lead to soils with poor structure, depleted nutrients, poor root development, reduced plant maturity, disease and insect damage.


N-P-K programs can help balance nutrition and soil health, leading to increased crop yields and profitability, no matter the growing environment.




Are the primary macronutrients required for crops to grow. These three numbers form what is called the fertilizer’s N-P-K ratio — the proportion of three plant nutrients in order: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The product’s N-P-K numbers reflect each nutrient’s percentage by weight.


When I was young, I used to watch my grandfather grow in his garden, he never grew weed, he grew fruits and vegetables. He could grow plants in areas where those types of plants weren’t accustomed to. As I got older my grandfather passed and I was slowly trying to find myself at the time. I never went to school for growing, instead I went to the mountains to find myself. The person who taught me how to grow was an underground grower, he taught me when and how to utilize NPK, the different types of routines that the plants needed to grow into. As I was growing for him and learning many logical things about the plants from
him, I myself was also learning and teaching myself about spirit and energy, and my own personal connection with the plant.

Taking care of them made me want to take care of myself. The plants taught me how to be kind, and how to understand the silence of my self.

I started to notice that the better my spirit was, the better the plant grew, and so I started to work on bettering myself through meditation and yoga and understanding how energy and vibration work between humans and plants.  I’ve trained individuals, on how to gorilla grow, and now I run a giant legal California recreational grow site. It’s been a long journey and I would be lying if I said I was doing it for myself, because the truth is…I’m doing it for true love.

The better my spirit was, the better the plant grew


N.P.K nutritional directional advice program:
I shall advise customers on the most effective way to utilize their nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in any program of their choosing. Buying the best program is one thing, but learning how to utilize it in the most effective way is another thing.


Best of both worlds is an all organic plant enhancer that will give it the necessary nutrients for the growth of the plant properly, having healthier leaves and a stronger stem.



$ 20
  • 5 minute video explaining how to use NPK.


$ 40
  • 10 min video explaining the necessary quantities according to the size of your feed tanks and when to apply them.


$ 60
  • 20 min video with an explanation of the times, when, where and amounts to use the NPK program depending on the vegetation and the progress of daily use.


$ 100
  • 30 min video call explaining with detailed information about everything you need to use NPK in the best way, along with amounts and advice given by Anthony.

— How it works?

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